Rantings of a Busy Fangirl

The Journal Belonging to an Arashian ELF

7 June
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I'm a Junior in College in Colorado. I am a Business Administration Major with an emphasis in Accounting and have an Asian Studies Minor. I plan on going to graduate school to get a MBA & MFA in TV/Film Production. I smile a lot, have a hard time saying no, and love pretty much anything Asian. I have studied abroad a semester in Japan and will hopefully spend a year in Korea studying. I am into role-playing, both table top and online! I have a cat that I love dearly. I like to wind down before bed with some tea and either a game of Double Cross (kind of like Scrabble) or reading a book; although lately it's been Pokemon Soul Silver!! I am a huge fan girl, and declare myself as an Arashian Elf. My all time favorite bands are a toss up between Arashi and Super Junior. Don't ask me to choose, I can't.